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April 14, 2012
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Arch Linux desktop - Smooth gray KDE 4.8 by kjeksomanen Arch Linux desktop - Smooth gray KDE 4.8 by kjeksomanen
A smooth gray setup for KDE 4.8.
I actually have two 24" monitors, but put two screenshots at top of eachothers for viewing purposes.
And that's also why the taskbars doesn't look the same.

Loving QtCurve's ability to render GTK2/GTK3-programs aswell, been bothered with especially Skype looking like shit but now everything looks smooth and the same :D

Been using a dark theme both on my KDE (desktop pc) and my Gnome 3 (laptop) and wanted a change.
Was kind of hard to find a good plasma theme and QtCurve-style but Scnd101 [link] saved the day :)

How: (basicly it's uniq suite [link] with modifications)
Plasma theme: Ambience [link]
GTK2/GTK3: Uniq [link]
Window decoration: Uniq [link]
Application style: Uniq QtCurve [link]
Application colors: Uniq [link]
Icons: KFaenza [link] and Uniq [link]
Fonts: Sans Serif and Monospace
Splash screen: Caledonia-KSplash [link]
Wallpaper: Upper [link] Lower [link]

Terminal Colors: [link]
Firefox: Vimperator with custom darkness2 [link] and my stylish-theme [link] Hidden menu bar, location bar etc..
Vim: [link]
Irssi: [link] (but with /set neat_colorize ON)
Skype: Skypetab [link]
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flcb Jul 13, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Nice. Didn't think KDE could ever look (this) nice.
Hehe thanks, and I know what you mean. I hate to say it, but more KDE-setups look bad than compared to GTK-based ones unfortunately. There are very many ugly plasma-themes and so on. Of course, that is a matter of preference, but I can't stand the plasma themes that are well, plasma-ish.
Thanks, I enjoy your setups aswell! :)
Y-N-1-F Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Very cool shot, and very thorough description!---You're a pro:D
I would use Linux, but I'm just not skilled enough yet in the os to make the move. I'm watching some good videos
on YT, trying to learn. For now, it's Windows7 for YN1F:D
Thanks for adding this to :iconcreativ-xtreme:
Thanks, means a lot! :D And yeah, I tend to make a good description since I know how frustrating it can be to not know how this and that in different screenshots has been done. Also it's nice to look back at how your earlier setups were :)

Linux isn't hard to use if you're dedicated and you actually want to use it (and not just try). Best way to learn would probably to just jump into it and try a live-CD of some sort. I wouldn't recommend Arch Linux as a first-time user (even though some people disagree with me on this). Maybe Ubuntu (remember you can change _everything_ in Linux, so if you don't like the initial setup in Ubuntu which is rather restrictive you can easily change that too).

Good luck! :)
Y-N-1-F Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks Tim, here is the YT channel I'm watching: [link] "Eli The Coputer Guy", good vids. He's rather long-winded though:D

Yea, I've come a long way from 4 years ago, me not even knowing how to turn a computer on! LOL! Maybe by the time Win9 comes out, I'll release my 1st Win7 theme!:D
There's a lot of nice footage on YouTube, you can learn much from just watching but ultimately you have to try for yourself :)

Haha, if you haven't grown up with computers I guess it can be rather tricky to learn :p I haven't actually made a theme before, I just customize others to how I like it which is much easier :d
Y-N-1-F Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I agree 110%; you gotta learn by experience for sure. I'm ALWAYS on my computer, at least as much as I can be, and am always trying to learn more every day. I used to, a few years ago, with XP, crash my system quite often from "learning"...LOL....But, I haven't crashed in a year or 2, so I think I've improved some!:iconxd--plz:
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